About Me

Hello! My name is Eric Adolfo. I live in the Philippines with my wife. I began my career in the IT industry at Domains Merchandising Services Incorporated, a domain name registry. The www.EricAdolfo.com was created as a way to bring the ideas that I loved to life. When I'm not on the internet, I'm usually hanging with my friends or just chillin' at home with the family.

What I Do

I've been a Graphic Artist, Software Engineer, Project Manager, Software Development Manager & Head, Group Data Protection Officer, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer. The companies I worked for are into various techs - Digital Banking, Ecommerce, Fintech, Weather, Social Media, Telecom, Blockchain, Logistics & Supply Chain, Internet of Things, etc.

How Can I Help

Software Development
Cyber Security
Governance, Risk & Compliance


Have an idea you’d like to talk about? I'd love to hear from you, let's get in touch!